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YouTube Comments Section Upgrade

Posted in Google,YouTube by Tam Yue on September 24th, 2013

YouTube Comment Section UpgradeYouTube recently teamed up with Google + to come up with a way for YouTube users to control the comments that are posted on their videos.  It was rolled out to a select few users today, and will be available for all users by the end of the year.  “We are moving from comments to conversations.” said YouTube product manager Nundu Janakiram,

What is going to change? Currently, you see the last person to comment on the video; with the change you will see the most relevant conversations or comments first. Those comments that are relevant are determined so by the owner of the video.  Owners of the video will have the option to “blacklist” certain words that they do not want to see and also will be able to flag people as spam or abusive.

The new system is powered by Google+ and will be linked to the social networking site.  Comments from people in your Google+ circles will automatically be considered more relevant and moved up higher in the comments list, as well as them being able to see what you are commenting on videos.  Of course, there will be several privacy settings available, you can make conversations public or keep it between just you and certain friends.

Basically here are the new rules:  Are you the creator/owner of the video? If so, you have control over what your viewers see in the comments list, which I would assume is a huge relief.  For those of you that want to comment on a video; ask yourself, is what I am about to say relevant to the video? If yes, then most likely your comment will be considered positively by the creator. If no, to put it nicely, find something better to do, your comment will never be seen.


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