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Scented candles that smell like cool things

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on May 29th, 2008

Scented candles that smell like cool things
We all know that the ladies like candles that have smells like Gentle sea breeze or tropical mountain mist and the like. That’s great for them, but no real man wants to smell such girlly things. What if a company made candles that smelled like cool things that men can appreciate. That’s just what Hotwicks scented candles are all about. You won’t find any flowery potpourri scents here. Instead they offer scents like beer, campfire, grass (your lawn, not your dime bag), new car, pancake, pigskin, stripper, popcorn, and yes even urinal cake.

You can have some great fun with these and create an entire atmosphere just by combining the right ones. Combine beer with urinal cake and stripper, for an olfactory trip to a seedy strip club. Take away the urinal cake candle and the club just got classier. These candles will cost you $9.

[hotwicks] VIA [Uncrate]

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